Mild Pill

Our "Mild" SexPill is great for first time users who have never used a SexPill before and want an extra boost when they are pleasing their partner.

Wild Pill

Our "Wild" SexPill is for those who rock your partner's world all night long. This is the pill if you want to pleasure your partner all night long...literally!

Extreme Pill

Our "Extreme" SexPill is for those who take sex seriously. Our strongest pill ever made, you will be a PORNSTAR in the bedroom. Perfect for Orgies or a new GF

Shipping Costs:

We ship your order for just $10 for any size order. Includes Tracking Number.

Xpresspost Shipping is available for $15


We accept E-Transfer by Interac. It’s safe, secure and quick.

Placing an Order:

Mild Pills $19.95 each / Wild Pills $24.95 each / Exreme Pills $34.95 each
Shipping is $10 per order (add $5 extra for Xpresspost)
Add Pills to your Poppers order and your pills ship for FREE!!

Email us at:

In the email, tell us how many pills you want to order 

(ie. 5 Mild Pills at $20 each + $10 shipping = 110)


Once we receive your payment, your order will be shipped out within 24-48 hours.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about customs seizing or stopping your order because we ship from Canada

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