Shipping Costs:

We ship your order for just $10 for any size order. Includes Tracking Number.

Xpresspost Shipping is available for $15


We accept E-Transfer by Interac. It’s safe, secure and quick.

Placing an Order:

Mild Pills $19.95 each / Wild Pills $24.95 each / Exreme Pills $34.95 each
Shipping is $10 per order (add $5 extra for Xpresspost)
Add Pills to your Poppers order and your pills ship for FREE!!

Email us at:

In the email, tell us how many pills you want to order 

(ie. 5 Mild Pills at $20 each + $10 shipping = 110)


Once we receive your payment, your order will be shipped out within 24-48 hours.

Best of all, you don’t have to worry about customs seizing or stopping your order because we ship from Canada

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